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Truffleduck Wedding, Geelong

Dramatic skies, toasty fires, autumn leaves, cosy, fluffy capes and soft winter sunshine provided pure photography gold for the wedding day of the very gorgeous Nat and Scott.

Photos started in Lara, where Nat and Scott decided to buck tradition by getting ready together with their very cute young boys who were well behaved and fun!

We were so lucky the weather behaved and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to take photos at Natalie’s family’s old farm at Anakie. With cattle yards, a red roofed ramshackle house, brick chimneys, wooden water tower, long grass, a rickety old gate. Hello! I was in heaven!

Next we were off to the very cute vintage dairy at the family farm which I only wish I had lying around in my own backyard.

On to Truffleduck whose amazing venue provided the lovely backdrop for the ceremony; the sun poured through the window behind the bride and groom. Nature’s blessing! Nicole Penning was the perfect celebrant yet again.

Then we went down along to the old bridge followed by night photos around the Truffleduck gardens. Very cool!

What a great spot to serve entrees by the cosy fireplace while listening to beautiful piano music. Perfect.

The day ended in a wonderful evening of laughter and fun - with Truffleduck‘s delicious food served to family and friends - including getting to eat the best flourless chocolate mud cake in the whole world, by Truffleduck!

Thank you for an amazing and beautiful day, Nat and Scott. We (my awesome assistant Kerrie and I) enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Wishing you all the very best for your lovely families’ future together. Enjoy the photos!

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