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about photography and me

Photo of me on the boat taken by my assistant Kerrie Manly

Photos are your way of memorising special events in your life…it makes sense to invest in this memory by providing gorgeous photos of your family and of those special milestones in your life.

Even though I started out photographing weddings in 2008, I am still a big softie when it comes to love and happiness; I have been caught crying at weddings!  I delight ever so much in being a part of the wedding day and capturing the emotions throughout between you and your family and friends.  It is essential for me to connect with family and be able to photograph the candid expressions of joy and emotions during the ceremony and reception.  For me, having the ability to be comfortable and relaxed during your day helps to engage with people and capture the fun and laughter during the course of your wedding, inspiring those lovely natural images that are so desired.

Ultimately, the coveted prize for your wedding photography is providing beautiful, natural and unique images that celebrate the love and commitment between the newly wedded couple.


I love to travel and am available for your wedding photography in the greater area of Melbourne and Geelong and anywhere from Lorne to Daylesford and the Mornington Peninsula to Healesville.  If your wedding is interstate, please enquire for a quote.

Call me to make an appointment to visit me at my photography studio to have a chat about your wedding plans and to view our beautiful wedding albums and to chat about all your photography requirements.


My photography studio is located at 21 Rutland St, Newtown. However, if you are located in Melbourne, please call me for your photography enquiries and I can easily set up a meeting time in Melbourne for you.


Portraits are available at my Geelong photography studio, which is located near the Barwon River in the quaint Art Precinct or 'Bohemian' end of Pakington St, Newtown. This Geelong location provides many opportunities for lovely artistic outdoor photos and is also available for studio family portraits, fashion photography, bridal photography, and product photography.  For your family portraits, if you have a photography location which is unique and meaningful to you and your family please let me know as I'm more than happy to travel. I can also set up a portable studio in your home if you find it difficult to travel with baby photos or toddlers that might still need their day sleep.  Fashion photography is also available on location too around the Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast, Otways, Lorne and Melbourne regions, please send me an email for a quote.


To see what I've been up to lately, check out my facebook page:


On my facebook page I post teasers from my latest wedding photos, family photography sessions, and fashion and corporate photography shoots.  I might even make a random humorous remark for your entertainment.


In the meantime, please enjoy browsing through the photography folio on my website.  Please email me for my photography package lists.  I can also provide a quote for something more tailored to your wedding day so please don’t hesitate to ask. 


So that was more about photography than about me.  Ultimately I prefer to be an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, tied up with a this will be brief.


In my spare time I am a wife of an awesome man who also helps me with weddings sometimes, so you may get to meet him.  Did I say he was awesome already?  Yes, he is awesome.  Is there another word for awesome...fabulous, brilliant, amazing, splendorific.  I have three crazy kids whom I love! They are the best looking kids in the world... as are all the children I photograph of course.  I spend a lot of time running around for my children's therapy...long story if you have time some day.  When it's possible, I try to take my husband and children with me when I'm on a scouting trip for my photography so they get to spend time with me as well as see what I'm up too.  My daughter wants to be a photographer like me now!  Very flattering.  She has my artistic talents times 10. 


You might notice that I have a slight predilection for Italian words in my wedding packages.  This is because I am half Italian.  My Dad immigrated from Northern Italy to North Queensland.  I was born up in the Whitsunday area, where it is much warmer, partly cloudy, with a chance of cyclones.  I miss my Dad; he died when I was 7 years old.  While it's been over 30 years since he died,  just using a few Italian words is making a slight nod to my's subtle, but makes him feel part of my life still.


Talent wise, I used to paint with oils, dabbled in a bit of watercolour, sketching drawing.  My talent is inherited from my mum.  I also used to pinch her camera whenever the opportunity arose.  When I was a teenager, nay younger than that, try 9 years old, I would tell my mum how to use the camera and set up a picture.  I was a bit bossy!  


 Surprisingly, I have a Certificate in Fashion Design, and a Bachelor Of Arts in Architecture!  Unsurprisingly, I chose all the electives that involved photography and graphic design.  I had the idea to be a Architectural Photographer originally.  However, I found architecture too static for me when shooting.  These buildings don't show enough emotion nor can one talk to them and laugh with them.  Well I 'could' talk to them and laugh with a building, but I'm pretty sure I would be hauled off to a looney bin after a short while. Nevertheless, if you see a tall blondish woman talking to 333 Collins St, in Melbourne's CBD, it might be me, so say hello.


Alrighty, enough babbling, I have photos to edit and weddings to photograph!


Ciao! Cheers! Arrivederci! 

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