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Torquay Wedding at the RACV Resort

Ella and Sam! I was looking forward to their wedding for some time! Such a dynamic couple and surrounded by the most vivacious and awesome family and friends!

We started off with a greeting with mum and dad and then a first look for Ella and Sam at the RACV Resort in Torquay. The gallery walkway was the perfect spot for this! Ella, red haired, bubbly and always gorgeous, was a complete knockout it her sequined dress. She carried a beautiful bouquet of classic ivories and greens by Miss Petal and Co who also decorated the reception and created the spectacular circle ceremony floral backdrop. Sam looked dapper in his classic tuxedo and couldn't wipe the smile off his face!

We had a bit of fun staging a "bold and the beautiful" bridal party setup inside the resort and then wandered off to a cliff top hidden in the bushes near Bells Beach. Thank you for the fabulous find Rose!

The ceremony conducted by the lovely Georgia Mills Celebrant, was held at the Racv Resort and then the celebrations continued into the night with all the awesomeness and fun!

Congratulations again Ella and Sam! You know how amazing I know you are you are and you know how amazing I think all your family and friends are! Not sure how grammactically correct that was but simply put - I'm a fan!

Enjoy this small selection of images from your day!


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