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Yes I do have public liability insurance and a working with children's card.

wedding client information



How to book:

First of all, please confirm with me that your date is available. Then after meeting with me or chatting on the phone  when you have decided you would like to book me as your wedding photographer, you need to do two things:

At your very earliest convenience please pay the deposit so that the date is yours and fill out and return the wedding photography contract.  Please enquire for a copy.



Q: I noticed you're located in Geelong, but I live in I have to come to Geelong to meet you regarding our wedding photography?


A:  If you are headed down the Geelong way, please let me know so we can set up an appointment. However, I am more than happy to meet my lovely couples in Melbourne as I am there fairly frequently.

My favourite spots to catch up are the Fitzroy Gardens or Koko Black in Collins St.

If you are in the Eastern Suburbs, I may actually be heading over that way too.  I'm more than happy to visit you at your home if that's easiest.


Q: Do you have an assistant with you when you are doing wedding photography?

A: Yes, 90% of the time I have an assistant.  The other 10% of the time it just isn't necessary.  Such as The 2 hour packages and weekday weddings.


Q: What days of the week do you do wedding photography?  

A: Any day of the week you'd like!


Q: Is it possible to book you without knowing my wedding date? Has someone ever done this?

A: In a manner of speaking, technically no, as I need a date to book in. However, in some cases, the couples made sure I was available before they set the date. As well as aligning that date with their other preferred vendors. I am more than happy to work with you to make it can run some dates past me if you're not sure yet.

night time wedding photo


Q: I notice you are a Geelong Photographer, how far will you travel?


A: I will travel anywhere, see my packages for the standard travel locations and fees, but ask for a quote for travel if you're not sure. I've even travelled to Queensland to take wedding photos.

Q: Can we meet up before our wedding day to show you our favourite photo locations and ceremony venue?

A: Yes please!  It is the ideal scenario for me to see you before your date to discuss locations and times.  Also it would great for me to come to your wedding rehearsal.  Sometimes this might not be possible, but if you are located closer to Geelong than not, I can usually work something out.  Even if you are located further away than usual I prefer to meet up so I know the right directions before your wedding day.


Q: What is your busiest wedding month of the year?

A: It varies every year, but February, March, and April are becoming very popular.  It is best to get in early to guarantee a date. November and October wedding dates also tend to sell like hotcakes.


Q: We're not sure where to situate the wedding ceremony and need some ideas, can you help us?

A: Absolutely!  I would love to help, I've been being taking wedding photos for 14 plus years now so please ask me anything if you're not sure.


Q: How soon do I need to book my wedding photography?

A: As soon as you are able to pay the deposit to guarantee the date for you.


Q:  Are you able to save my wedding date if I'm not sure about when or who I'm booking?

A:  Sorry no, I will pencil you into the diary as an enquiry, but in many cases there have been multiple enquiries for the same date.  I will book the first couple to put the deposit through...first in best dressed!


Q: How many photographs do you take?

A:  It really mostly depends how long you have me on your wedding day.  I usually average around 800 give or take for the Classic Package. For bridal party photos the more locations you choose the more images you will receive.


Q: If I change my mind after paying the deposit, can I get my deposit back?

A: Sorry, no.  I have often had to turn other couples away because they have enquired for that date and it has already been booked. The deposit is there to retain the date for you.


Q: Can you recommend other wedding vendors to us?

A: Yes of course.  I have some very lovely people I see frequently through my weddings and would be happy to point you in a direction that might suit.


Q: How long should we allow for bridal party photos?

A:  It really depends on your preferred style of coverage and your own personalities.  As a rule of thumb, I suggest a comfortable hour plus travel time if applicable.

The larger the bridal party, the more time will be needed, mainly for logistical purposes.

If your venue is all in one spot and requires no travel, it could be easily manged in about 45 mins.  Always allow time so you're not rushed though.  Think about daylight hours and when the sunset occurs too.


Q: What if my wedding is at night time?  Do you have suitable lenses and cameras for this?

A: Yes, no need to worry.  

Night photos can be pretty awesome. Let me know if this is something you are specifically after though to make sure I have the right elements handy for the right magic.


Q: Do you do Trash the Dress Photos?

A:  Yes!  Please ask for a quote!


Q: I have many more questions?! 

A: Call me for a  chat or make an appointment to meet me.

Ph: 0408344724

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