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Geelong Family Photography - Canola

From engagement to wedding to family photography, I again had the privilege of taking the photos of this gorgeous couple Doreen and Damoon and son Sean, soon to be a family of four. Doreen had expressed a desire for photos in canola fields quite some time ago and I'm so glad we finally had the opportunity to take advantage of the yellow fields! We sourced the canola fields outside Geelong in the lovely farming district of Gnarwarre. Thank you to the lovely friends of the family for letting us use them. Enjoy!

ljp dds153 vsc.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer77.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer168.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer126.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer86.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer19.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer35.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer45.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer57.jpg
 Geelong Family Photographer60.jpg

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