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Waterfall Elopement, Erskine Falls

The red shoes came out for this gorgeous wedding! Red gumboots that is!

It was exciting to have the opportunity to photograph the elopement of Steph and Jay at the bottom of Erskine Falls, Lorne.

Whilst the weather threatened us for the week beforehand, we all braved the elements and it turned out to be just perfect in the creek bed of Erskine Falls for this beautiful little ceremony conducted by the lovely Lea Duffy celebrant.

Steph and Jay were a dream to work with and climbed all the way in full wedding attire to stand right next to Erskine Falls. OMG! Amazing!

I then had to climb all the stairs back up the top...I finally lost 20kg that day when I gratefully gave my backpack to Jay to carry. ;)

We took off to the Lorne front beach, the swing bridge, and the tea trees and managed it all before it started raining properly.

Congratulations Steph and Jay, I had a fabulous time with you and photographing your wedding. You're a perfect couple! Love your spirit and sense of adventure. I'm in awe!

Best wishes for all your upcoming adventures together forever!


Enjoy this selection of images from your wedding day!

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