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Gum Gully Farm Wedding

I was delighted to receive a call from Far North QLD earlier this year. Kate and Jarrad were engaged and were getting married in September. Do a little dance! Now it was Kate's turn; the youngest of three beautiful girls in a beautiful family I have had the privilege to photograph over the years.

During the getting ready there was wisteria, puppies, and forest. K&J you are so lucky to live in a beautiful forest!

The wedding took place in the hidden treasure of Gum Gully Farm, Silvan. What a divine place!

Made from scratch by the owner, Gum Gully Farm is a pocket of gorgeousness. The ceremony by the lovely Maria Padbury, took place in the little rustic chapel and photos were taken on the side of the hill and around the property.

The view. Wow!

Then Disney eat your heart out. Bambi and his mates came out to play.

The guests were then fed a fine feast and danced the night away including the famous Greek wedding dance, the kalamatiano.

Kate and Jarrad, you are gorgeous together! I wish you and your families all the very best with much love to you all. Enjoy this selection of your wedding photos.


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