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The Heights Meets Alice

Well no one was late for this very important paraphrase from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I was very excited to be back at The Heights Historic Homestead in Newtown to photograph the bubbly Renée and Aaron's wedding. The theme was loosely based on the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and featured a live Jabbawocky. Well no it didn't thank goodness, but now I have your attention we can move on.

A special shout out to the talents of Aaron DeWit himself. A graphic designer who designed their amazing wedding invites. Oh yes and Renee did her own flowers...talent plus!

The Heights is a perfect setting for such a theme, with pink flamingos flanking the aisle to croquet for the guests to play. Renée and Aaron had the lovely idea to have the ceremony in the middle of the guests in a semi circular arrangement which was very unique. Di Schmidtke was the very lovely celebrant.

There were many tears and laughs and bubbles which made a spectacular aisle exit shot. Photos were taken wandering around the gorgeous gardens of The Heights. Very 'lost in Wonderland' appropriate.

The reception was held at the Bear and Bean in Little Ryrie St Geelong. The afternoon tea was a drool worthy spread of cheese and antipasto. "Eat me" and "drink me" said the signs. yes please!

Congratulations on your marriage Renée and Aaron! It was a really fun day and I was really inspired! You make a clearly wonderful couple and I wish you all the wonderfulness in your wonderful future together in your own Wonderland together. Excuse the excessive use of puns.

Enjoy this selection of your wedding images. xx

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