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Warrnambool Wedding

It was a beautiful day and a lovely trip to the country coastal town of Warrnambool to take the wedding photos of the vivacious Naomi and her partner in crime Nigel.

Lovely in french lace, Naomi arrived in style walking down a rather spectacular aisle: the hill at the Flagstaff Hill maritime village. She was led by her entourage to the tune of a solo bagpiper.

The ceremony was sweetly mixed with elements from traditional Jewish marriage ceremonies. You will see the beautiful huppah (marriage canopy), the receiving of wine and the breaking of the glass as part of Naomi and Nigel's wedding ceremony.

After a few entertaining pictures around the village, we ventured to Thunder Point lookout for photo sun drenched photos of the sky and the sea and the coast. Much humour added!

Then back to the Sail Maker's Loft for much merriment and traditional Jewish dancing.

Finally the setting sun provided a gorgeous scene for a few more romantic photos.

Congratulations to you Naomi and Nigel! I wish you the best years ahead together and always.

Your resilience to what life has thrown at you is amazing and I very much admire your attitude and humour and spirit and you as a couple are 'meant to be'.

All the joy to you and your families!

Enjoy this selection of images from your wedding day. xx

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