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Lorne Wedding at Sunrise, Lorne Beach Pavillion

A sunrise wedding in Lorne. Beautiful! Such a lovely idea!

Chantelle and Rob travelled all the way from SA to be married in Lorne. It was chosen for sentimental reasons as they met each in Lorne during a conference years ago.

It was such a gorgeous idea, to be married at dawn on the Lorne beach. It was a little chilly, but it didn’t matter when there was enough warmth and love from family and friends to make up for the temperature!

Chantelle looked absolutely gorgeous walking down the aisle to where Rob waited. Special note on the bouquets…Chantelle made them herself! Amazing talent there! The sun was a beautifully diffused soft gold in the background. Lorne Beach just being perfect as always!We made off with the bridal party to take a few photos in the gorgeous rainforest that surrounds Lorne and then made our way up to Teddy’s Lookout. I did think we might have a Mary Poppin’s moment with the way the wind took the veil but everyone’s feet stayed on the ground in front of the spectacular sea view.

Chantelle and Rob did a quick little dance number just them and the then with the kiddies to start off the reception at the Lorne Beach Pavillion. The attention to the reception decor by Chantelle was outstanding. She out did herself with sweet little details. Origaimi paper hearts with the table numbers and names was one clever idea and then the chatterboxes which were specially printed with each person’s name on them and included trivia inside!

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of your day Chantelle and Rob, you are so perfect together and awesome people as well! Your family and friends are also pretty awesome; you are very lucky to been surrounded by so much goodness!

I wish you all the very best and please enjoy this selection of images from your wedding day!

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