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Beautiful Wedding, at Truffleduck, Fyansford

Summer wedding season! A nice warm day set the scene for Tania and Andy's wedding day at Truffleduck in Fyansford. The styling had all the beautiful and classic details. Andy and his groomsmen were wearing bowties, a long cathedral veil to frame Tania perfectly. The lovely old cars from Geelong Wedding Cars was the icing on the cake! Wait but really that was provided by the ever amazing Truffleduck with their famous chocolate flourless mudcake...drool.

The day started with boys getting ready at the Vue Apartments in Geelong city and we were able to duck across the road the get some shots in front of the ferris wheel.

On to Tania at Lara where the gorgeous girls were getting ready. Kiminos and purple slippers!

The ceremony was held in the Truffleduck garden which wasbeautiful as always then we slipped away for photos at the Old Papermill; a lovely quaint place for photography shoot. There was also a turkey I kid you not, hanging around with some geese. Might be hard to spot but if you do let me know if I've got the bird species correct!

Then the old Fyansford bridge! Thank you for letting me play around with your veil! Though the wind was taking care of it well and truly by the end!

The reception was back at fabulous Truffleduck where chocolate cake was served to all and sundry!

Thank you Tania and Andy for a a very fun beautiful day! I was truly lovely being in the company of you, your family and friends! You are surrounded by very loving people!

I wish you all the very best; you will have a life filled with laughs! Enjoy!

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