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Pet Photography - Melbourne

I had a lovely time photographing one of my wedding couples much loved pets a few weekends ago. The best friends of Hannah and Maciej gave them a very thoughtful and unique wedding gift - a pet photography voucher.

Introducing the gorgeous felines - the seal point Siamese is Zen and the blue point Siamese is Yuki.

and the adorable puppies - the boy dog (larger one) is Lynx, the girl is Tippi.

ljp 12o698 websize.jpg
ljp 12o736 websize.jpg
ljp 12o449 web.jpg
ljp 12o475 websize.jpg
ljp 12o716 websize.jpg
ljp 12o450 web.jpg
ljp 12o463 web.jpg
ljp 12o674 web.jpg
ljp 12o682 web.jpg
ljp 12o708 web.jpg
ljp 12o490 web.jpg
ljp 12o507 web.jpg
ljp 12o724 web.jpg
ljp 12o516 web.jpg
ljp 12o743 web.jpg
ljp 12o541 web.jpg
ljp 12o548 web.jpg

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