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Wedding Photography - King Parrot Cottages

It takes a village...? I was reminded of this saying on the day of Kim and Kingsley's wedding at King Parrot Cottages, Pennyroyal. Friends and family stayed the weekend at the cottages in the middle of the Otways Ranges. Everyone pitched in to help prepare for the day; from decorating with bunting, to cooking the roast, setting up the flowers and making the salads. It was great to see the joy and friendship shared and gave everything that personal touch.

Photos went on to the groom and their gorgeous son Leo getting ready, then to the bride and her bridesmaids. Everything just suited the surrounds just perfectly!

The ceremony was held down the hill including a beautiful and moving tribute to Kingsley's mother's memory in the form of paper printed with her music and filled with petals handed out to the guests.

To the sound of singing and guitar playing the bridal family followed by the guests made their way to the campsite to enjoy champagne and nibbles amid the majestic gum trees.

We made our way down to the creek for some bridal party photos in the glorious rain forest. Oh! The place is stunning!

The reception was held back at the hall, enjoying the music of a family friend who also broke out into 'Hot potato, hot potato' much to the children's delight! Little Leo proved he had the music in him by showing off his talents with his own guitar.

Overall what a fantastic day and an absolute pleasure and privilege to have been part of it! I can wax on about the divine rain forest, but the front runner in divine was the gorgeous young family Kim, Kingsley, and Leo! Thank you! You are most inspiring picture wise and family wise! Enjoy!

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