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Wedding at Bramleigh Receptions, Kilsyth

Such and immense pleasure to have photographed the amazing Marni and Bernie on their wedding day! So much happy! So many smiles!

The day started with Bernie and his entourage getting ready in Vermont South, a great photo spot a neighbour's garden and a very handy paddock at the end of the street.

Then off to Botanic Ridge for photos with the beautiful Marni and her bridal party where I had fun photographing all the little details and the lovely puppies that got cuddles with mum in her wedding dress!

The ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Bram Leigh Receptions, in Kilsyth. The sun was out trying to match the smiles! We then wandered around the garden taking photos in the cute little nooks that Bram Leigh has hidden around the place.

We had an absolute ball at the reception. Oh how they all danced! The amazing Rosie from Sensation Entertainment made sure everyone was on the dance floor in fine form. Awesome for photos!

We stayed to the end to photograph a sparkler very fun!

Thank you beautiful Marni and Bernie for such a wonderful day and the privilege of taking your wedding photos. You are so awesome together and the joy and love on the day was so very evident amongst your family and friends!

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